Tree Trimmings and Removals

Tree Trimmings and Removals

At Mex Landscaping, we provide tree trimming and removal services for your lawn or property. Tree trimmings can be used as mulch, compost, or in garden beds. We also offer removal services for unwanted trees and limbs that are obstructing your view or posing a safety hazard.

Additionally, we can help keep your lawn green and tidy by removing grass and other debris.

But our services don’t stop at trimming and removal. We can also provide regular fertilization, weed control, and other landscaping services to help keep your property looking great! Contact us today and let us help you get your property looking its best!

tree trimmings and removals

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You can also contact Mex Landscaping for hardscape installation to accentuate your landscape. We use soft landscaping materials like gravel, stones, and decomposed granite to add a new dimension to your yard and elevate its appeal. With our hardcape solutions, you can customize your landscape the way you want while working within your budget. Call us now for discussing your landscaping project!