Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be used year-round and is an excellent investment because it not only creates an inviting look to your property but also increases security. Landscaping protects curious eyes and unwanted hands or paws of wild animals such as rodents. Other benefits of landscape lighting include improving the curb appeal of your home, increasing safety and security on a walkway or steps from your porch to your door, and highlighting specific areas of your house, such as a mailbox.

A key component in creating an inviting ambiance is proper placement. When purchasing lights, consider what colors you want to use (warm or cool) and what landscape area you wish to light. Next, decide where your electrical source will be placed (a wall or outdoor outlet). Next, determine how many lights you will use, how high they should be installed, and whether they are spaced evenly throughout the landscaped area. Finally, keep in mind that not all lighting fixtures are created equal. For example, a small solar-powered landscape light will not be able to illuminate a large yard or up the steps to your home.

Use lighting strategically so that it does not overpower your landscaping. If you are planning on adding trees and bushes, keep them in mind when deciding where lights should be located. Installing lights in too many places will cause your yard to look like a carnival. As with classic lighting, the key is balance and symmetry. Generally speaking, you should install landscape lighting above eye level to avoid glare in your eyes when viewing it from down below (patio or entryway).

Landscape lights require placement near a power source (wall or outlet). The light bulb will be dependent on the wattage use in your yard. Keep in mind that sunlight can get very hot so keep them away from trees, bushes, and house siding. We suggest using waterproof fixtures if you plan to leave them outside all winter months. When possible, we recommend looking at outdoor lighting workshops and tours at gardens or museums for inspiration.

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